Stage & in-ear Monitoring

You’re on stage but can’t hear yourself over the million decibels of noise coming from behind you? Possibly the ‘Hendrix wannabe’ next to you with a Marshall 200w dual 4 x 12” guitar rig is perforating your eardrums ??? Let us help you out: we have a choice of either on-stage wedge style monitors, (available in active or passive configuration), or if that’s not good enough, how about your own personal in-ear monitors? In-ear monitors not only control the level of exuberant guitarists sharing the stage with you, but also deliver a perfect mix right to your ears. These allow you to adjust the level of the onstage mix to your own personal taste, without affecting the other musicians! Some of the popular in-ear monitoring systems that we stock are: AKG, Shure, LD, Sennheiser, and Beyerdynamic.

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