Wired & Wireless Microphones

From vocal microphones to instrument microphones, be it dynamic or condenser, we stock as many microphones as we can cram into our shelves & display cabinets. Possibly you’re looking for drum microphones such as overhead pencil condensers for your cymbals & hi-hats….or something to mic up your guitar amp to drown out that irritating lead singer ?….well, we stock microphones such as Audix, Beyerdynamic, AKG, EV (Electro Voice), Shure, Mintek, Sennheiser, DB Technologies and Samson to name a few. Most of these microphones are available in either cordless (wireless), or corded (wired) formats. Naturally, we also stock wireless lapel (lavalier) & wireless headset mics. All wireless packs are compatible with any of the headset microphones, such as Countryman, Audio Technica, Proel, and Samson. Not forgetting all the microphone accessories available here too such as mic stands, mic clips, mic cables, & other microphone accessories that are prone to wear and tear and need replacing every once in a while.

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