Keyboards and synthesisers

Calling all keyboard enthusiasts! Whether you are a professional player or making your first foray into the world of home keyboards, portable pianos & synthesisers, come take a look at our range of the latest machines. All the big brands are represented here on our showroom floor, ready and plugged in for you to try: Yamaha, Roland, Kurzweil, Korg, Nord, and Casio.. Other popular keyboard and synthesiser brands that pass through our doors are: Waldorf, Moog , Dave Smith, Arturia , Access and Akai to name a few.

Digital Pianos

If you prefer the wooden, cabinet style pianos, look no further than the classic Yamaha Clavinova or Roland HP and RP series of digital pianos. With fully weighted keys, the best piano samples
available, three foot pedals and all the modern day features like USB interface and MIDI, you’ll be getting a piano that not only sounds and looks stunning while complimenting any entertainment area, but will also last you a lifetime.

Keyboard accessories

All the necessary keyboard bits & pieces are stocked too: Keyboard stands, keyboard stools, keyboard amplifiers, sustain pedals, power supplies, bags & cases. Product lines include:Hercules,Roland,Yamha,Gator, Proel, Road Ready, SKB, Stagg, Citronic, and Samson.

Acoustic Upright and Grand pianos

To cater for the more traditional classical or jazz pianists, we also offer acoustic pianos available in upright, baby grand and grand formats. Occasionally, we also stock used/second-hand pianos. All pianos sold include delivery, and will be tuned after the piano has settled into it’s new home.

For more information feel free to pop in and chat to Anton, Lutz or Welcome.

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