Guitar Repair

“ The Doctor Is In “

If it’s professional Guitar Repair you require, our team of highly qualified Guitar Technicians are at your beck and call. With over 40 years of combined experience, our Workshop focuses on work of the highest quality, no compromise. We offer Pickup Installation, Custom Wiring, Maintenance and the Best Guitar Setups Money Can Buy!

We are also the ALLPARTS distributor for South Africa, so we stock a massive range of official spares for the major guitar and bass brands , and carry a plethora of aftermarket customization options and enhancements for your instrument :

Graphtech, Tusq, Tremel-no, CTS, Gotoh, Wilkinson, Schaller and L.R. Baggs Pickup Systems to name a few.

So please feel free to stop by for some advice from Mando, Ged or Andrew, and allow them to breathe some life back into your prized Instrument.

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