Drum Kits

Whether you are looking for electronic drum kits, acoustic drum kits or percussion, Music Connection ‘s drum department will be able to help out. With over 35 years of gigging experience between them, Dylan and Kevin will be more than willing to give good advice and answer any questions you may have. We deal in all brands, starting from entry level drum kits, to professional series drum kits, as well as all levels of percussion.

Acoustic Drum Kits

Which is your favourite brand? Spaun Drums? Tama? Pearl? Yamaha? Gretsch? Mapex? Sonor? DW drums? Pdp? We cover all ranges within these brands. Whether your are a beginner or a professional drummer, we’ll have something for you.

Electronic Drum kits

Electronic drum kits are more popular now than ever before. We keep a wide variety of ranges, starting with the Alesis DM6 entry level electronic kit, or the intermediate Yamaha DT-Xplorer, right to top-of-the-range brands.We endeavour to cater for every player. The Roland electronic drum kits are still very popular, starting with the Roland HD3 and the Roland TD4K2 for the entry level player, all the way up to the Roland TD30KV for the professional performer.

Drum Sticks

Choose your “weapon”.
An important part of drumming will obviously be the drum sticks. We keep large ranges within the following brands: Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Vater, Pro Mark, Zildjian drum sticks, Regal Tip. We keep budget drum sticks too, namely the Vic
Firth Nova Drum sticks and the Vater Goodwood drum sticks. We also keep a range of wire brushes, mallets and blasticks.


From Gibraltar hardware to Pearl tension rods, we keep a wide selection of spares. Whether you are looking for bass drum spurs, drum lugs, cymbal felt or just a couple of wing nuts for your cymbal stands, we should be able to help out.
If you are in search of specific drum spares, we will try to help you with any drum repairs or drum refurbishment.

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