Bass Guitars

This is a call to all aspiring Lords of the Low frequencies:  Our Rumble Room has the perfect rig for you – if you are a professional player looking for something to shake the stadium down to its foundations or a beginner nurturing a fondness for all sounds lowdown , we have the ultimate companions for you! With over 150 basses in 4, 5, 6 , and 8 string formats and 80 amplifiers ranging from 10 watts to 2500 watts in stock at any time – we are your ultimate point of call for your journey to bass nirvana!

We stock a host of legendary bass guitars made by the most reputable manufacturers available today. If you want your first 4-string or are looking to expand your musical horizons to the world of 6 or 8 string – or perhaps fretless , we have the perfect instrument for you. Whether you like the sweet sound of pop or jazz , the thunder of rock and metal or the pure lowdown pulse of hip-hop and kwaito , our expert salespeople will help you make an inspired choice ! All our basses leave the showroom floor with a deluxe setup from our amazing workshop to your specifications and you get to choose between a deluxe padded bag and nearly indestrucible hard shell case to protect your new purchase. Choose from brands such as : Fender , Yamaha, Lakland, Music Man , Ibanez , Warwick , Cort , Zon , Gibson and Kala.

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